2020 Lexus LC 500 looking better than ever as limited-edition Inspiration Series

October 21st, 2019 by

2020 Lexus LC 500 Inspiration Series

The Lexus LC 500 set a completely new bar three years ago in sophistication when it came to personal luxury coupes. As if this car couldn’t get any sexier, now for 2020 Lexus takes it up a notch and introduces the limited-edition Inspiration Series. 

Without compromising any of the LC 500’s remarkable performance, technology, or style that makes it, well — what the icon that it is — the Inspiration Series blends its sleek lines with a classic color palette around a Nori Green Pearl paint that exudes elegance as it draws in the eye and complements every angle of the its unique design. Topping off the outer presentation is a set of 21 -inch, two-tone wheels that elevates the LC’s style profile to another level.

But whoever said “beauty is only skin deep” never met a Lexus LC 500. The two-tone color scheme of its interior accentuates the design and craftsmanship found in every LC, using an exclusive Bespoke Saddle Tan color for the aniline leather that encases the 10-way power adjustable seats. This is the softest, highest-grade leather available in the Lexus lineup, and this series-unique color is paired with a slightly darker shade of Alcantara® trim on the door panels that adds a soft, inviting feel to the cabin.

To complement the tan, dark Black Amber leather trim decks out the dashboard, steering wheel, center console, and doors. The sophistication of detail in the LC Inspiration Series can be seen and felt down to the precision of every last brown stitch.

Topping off each 2020 LC 500 Inspiration Series is a custom sill plate that marks the limited-edition nature of each car. Drawing from the geometric shapes found in the rear brake lights, the laser cut plates function as a subtle reminder of this car’s rarity every time you open the door. 

We’ve mentioned this vehicle is “limited edition,” but exactly how limited edition is it? Limited to just 100 of these beauties in North America. Pricing has yet to be announced, but if you’re interested in being an owner of this exclusive Lexus LC 500 edition, contact us at Lexus of Henderson today and we’ll see what we can do about acquiring one for you to see in person and take a drive. Don’t hesitate — only 100 units means they’ll go fast — faster than the LC 500 itself. 

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