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Are you ready to see celebrity car enthusiasts go head-to-head in a racing competition? Ready to watch as celebrities race inside an ALL-NEW LEXUS RC-F PERFORMANCE?

Then the Lexus 0 to 60: Supercharged, Season One, Episode One is a can’t miss. Hosted by actor, model, and gearhead, Tyson Beckford. Beckford is best known for his appearances in The Fast and the Furious movie franchise.

The Competitors

In the first episode of the season, the celebrities who accepted the challenge include Actor and Champion Racecar Driver Alfonso Ribeiro. Who may have met his match with his competitor, NASCAR Driver and NHRA Drag Racer, Nicole Lyons.

Ribeiro may have created the dance “The Carleton” during his years acting on the favorite 80’s sitcom, The Fresh Prince of Bel Air, but Lyons is a force to be reckoned with. She has already beaten down boundaries for being one of the few women who competes in NASCAR racing.

The Judge

Racing legend, Scott Pruett acts as the judge in this episode. Engineered by Lexus, Pruett will determine who will win this custom driving challenge. He will put these two racing rivals through three heart palpitating challenges. The winner will take home a brand-new Lexus for an entire year.

Who will win the sought-after Lexus? Will it be Ribeiro or Lyons? Grab your helmets and racing gloves as we breakdown the three challenges that will decide the ultimate winner.

The Challenges

Challenge One: The Slalom

The Slalom challenge starts with a dead stop to then race through the Slalom track. The two celebrities will then make a “U-turn” at the other end of the road to make their way back to the checkered flag. The one with the fastest time wins the first challenge.

Challenge Two: Zero to Sixty to Zero

In this challenge, both racers will accelerate their Lexus vehicles to sixty miles and hour then brake as quickly as possible to get back to zero. Each will use 460 horsepower to go from zero to sixty miles per hour. Although they do have the option to go beyond that and choose to auto-shift or paddle-shift. They will need to make great rumble breaks at the end with a hard stop to make it inside the box without a foul.

Challenge Three: Big Willow Track

This challenge is “too fast, too furious” – A challenge that is designed for adrenaline junkies. It begins from a dead stop. The goal is a lap around the track as quickly as possible.

The first episode infuses exhilaration and some light-hearted fun between the celebrity rivals. But do not be mistaken by their comedic banter. These two take each challenge seriously.

You will see these celebrity competitors share their racing tactics. Often impressed by one another as they take on the race track and each other. Penalties will ensue, and timing will be close. But there will only be one winner of a Lexus F-Performance vehicle for a year.

There are no spoiler alerts here. Instead, on your marks, get set, go… watch the video of the Lexus 0 to 60: Supercharged, Season One, Episode One to find out the anticipated winner.

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